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Free Hotline:400-902-9002
Contact E-mail: [email protected]


 Premier Capital Group is an abundant capital company, and our excellent management team consists of high-level talents in financial, properties investment, business investment, and law field. We have established loyal service relationship with our customers and close corporation relationship with most Banks around the world and famous lawyers by professional service since 27 years ago. Professional and effective service promoted Premier Capital Group to having long-term cooperation with the top developer of Australia, France, New Zealand and the U.S. So that we can provide chinese investment true, reliable, safe, professional and comprehensive service. Besides, purchasing properties for studying abroad, investing rental properties, and investment immigration properties, properties management, business management, investment consults are includes. 

Our services

·       Overseas Property Investment Consultant

·         Commercial Real Estate Investment Consultant

·     Overseas Properties Management

·    Planning and Sales of Resort Property in China

·     Development and Management of Service Apartment

·     PPClub VIP Service

·         Professional Training for International Real Estates

·      Professional Service for Investment Immigration

and Departure & Entry




·         Join Us: Franchise Fees/ Guarantees/Operation Capital ; Group will provide support & one-stop service for franchisees.

·         Distribution Agents : low cost, professional training for free;Group will provide support service for you.


Advantages of Join Us




·         Profession Guarantee for 27 years

·       Housing Avaliable

·    Price

·        Great Service


Demand for Join Us

·     Running and Managing Franchisee by Yourself.

·       Amount of investment should not lower than 1million RMB.


·          Investor had better be familiar with local culture of the city where  franchisee company located.


Premier Capital Group Provide for You:

·       Premier Capital Branch Promotion

·     Products and Services

·    Complete transaction formalities

·    After-sale Service and Franchisee Service

·      Overseas Financing

·    One-stop Service



Join Premier Capital, Invest Real Estates around the World

There are plenty of market needs in China for us. Premier Capital Group has been famous for branch public praise, international team, professional training system, high-level market expansion, competitive real estates program, experienced costumer service and religion protection for franchisees for twenty-seven years.

  Join Premier Capital, Invest Real Estates around the World. We are hand in hand to create our glory.      

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