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One Boulevard Apartment

Rare and high quality decoration apartment project in local area

  • Property ID:
  • Room:一房-两房
  • Housing prices: 123,813 - 234,961
  • Building area:42.5-117.5
  • Area:
  • (about 12ten thousand - 23ten thousand)

Manchester is located in the northwest of England, is the second most prosperous city in the UK and the first industrialized city in the world. The city comes up with a single management area of great Manchester, northwest of England, it is the most important hub of transportation and the center of Commerce, finance, industry and culture in the UK. Manchester is very popular with Chinese funded enterprises. The expansion of Manchester airport project is a best example. President Xi Jinping visited Manchester in 2015, which was the only city in England except London, showing the importance of Manchester's attention in the Chinese government. also educational resources in the city are very rich, with the largest group of students in Britain and even the whole of Europe. University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford, Bolton University, Law University, Universtiy of Huddersfield, Oldham University, etc., which make the city full of vitality. 

Project Info
project name: One Boulevard Apartment   
price range: GBP123,813 - GBP234,961
location: Ridgefield Street, Failsworth,Manchester 
investment highlight: It offers 5 years lease with 7% net rental per year
unit type: 1bed and 2beds
esitimate completed date: 2020 Q2
payment plan: 30% deposit 

One Boulevard is located at Failsworth, Manchester. it is currently the second largest city in the UK's economy scale. The project is equipped with luxurious decoration, which includes parking lot, bicycle parking, greening area, convenient store, swimming pool, facilities for child entertainment, gym with  sauna  and a roof garden. Five-star facility services include 24 hour security services, laundry / dry cleaning services, reservation services, city information, express to door (takeout, supermarket or express), and room cleaning services every week.  One Boulevard brings different attractions to every  tenants. It is not far away from the city , but the living experience is more comfortable. The public spaces, gardens and parking spaces in the project are designed to give  tenants a unique life experience.

One Boulevard is located in Failsworth area, only 10 minutes away from downtown Manchester. The area is mature, mostly townhouses, and apartment projects are rare products.

The apartment comes with luxurious decoration and completed furniture package.

Downtown Manchester---10 mins drive
Northern Quarter---15 mins drive
Morrisons---5 mins walk
University area---20 mins drive

Train station---5 mins walk


Floor Plan
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