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Irish Lake

Single Family House,Single House,Villa

  • Property ID:
  • Room:
  • Housing prices: 175,000 - 175,000
  • Building area:223
  • Area:
  • (about 17ten thousand - 17ten thousand)

Irish Lake is located in MacDonald, the largest city of southeastern Georgia, United States. Nearly 75% of the global fortune 1000 companies have set up offices in Atlanta and expand their business there. Employment demands surrounded by Irish Lake are growing fast, so leasing demands are fully guaranteed.

The population of permanent residents in MacDonald is 23,000. They are 7 major interstate roads and no. 75 north-south highway to the capital city of Atlanta, Georgia. Irish Lake is located in the Henry Town, near No.75 and No.81 highway. The project is 4 kilometers away from downtown, close to the convenient shopping center, gourmet restaurants and historical and cultural attractions. 132 Irish style villas are starting from $175000 and they are all equipped with modern community standard.

America's housing investment project Irish Lake has 132 sets of luxury villas.

6 years chartering, annual net rate of return as high as 6%.



A/B type,3/4 rooms, indoor double parking, automatic garage door. The price is $175000(RMB1,080,000), which has 223 square meters villas.  Long rental period: 6% a year net return. During rental period ,developers afford all maintenance costs for customers.


There are many middle schools and high schools near Irish Lake. Ola high school is rank higher, just 10 miles east to Irish Lake, 20 mins drive by No 81 highway can arrive directly.

5 mins drive to the nearest Henry County Middle school and Henry County High School

There are all new buildings, equipped with central air-conditioning, heating system, completely real wood floor. Providing 20 years warranty for the main structure of the building.  10 years warranty of wood floor and central air conditioning system. Price includes basic appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, washing machines, etc.

Floor Plan
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