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Dundee Station

Florida luxury villa

  • Property ID:
  • Room:3 BR, 4 BR, 5 BR
  • Housing prices: 206,500 - 274,300
  • Building area:192-285
  • Area:464-549
  • (about 20ten thousand - 27ten thousand)

Dundee Station is located in a mature area in the south of  Orlando called Winter Haven. This place is called the "the Chain of Lakes" because it is the area of lakes in Florida.For this reason, the building land area in this region become less, even if you have money, it is also difficult to buy. Winter haven is the heart of Florida and is also the whole transportation lifeline in Florida artery, for example, the only global set railways, container transport and logistics services in an international group CSX,sets its headquarters in Winter Haven, Florida  in 2011. This project has been officially launched in May this year. The international logistics center is expected to bring more than 8500 jobs for the local, and is expected to create $10 billion for the city's economic growth. More than this, Florida wal-mart logistics and warehousing center set up in this place. Of course, the local tourism is quite developed, including "legoland" is also located here attracting millions of tourists come here every year. City supporting is quite mature, which have their own hospitals, supermarket,primary school, middle school,carteen and etc.

The employment opportunities, economic development, living environment, of Winter haven has attracted many local people migrate from other cities to live here. So the housing demand of Winter Haven has been rising, mainly is white family population, so they have demands for villa, particularly large villa like Dundee Station.

International logistics center, wal-mart, "lego" paradise are not far more than 15 km from Dundee Station. Most Americans are not likely to live near their working place so thelocation of Dundee Station is the golden position for them. Top management officers in these international groups are our rental object.

Dundee Station provides four different house types, respectively, have 3bedrooms, 4 bedrooms(1layer&2layers), 5 bedrooms(2layers)for the customer to choose. All the villas have garage and back garden, fine decoration of the whole house.

Dundee Station is surrounded by the numerous lakes where can enjoy the ubiquity of water life.

 Three years 6% of the annual rent guarantee,

Benefit from Winter Haven development, in view of the development of real estate investment

USA's housing investment project Dundee Station covers an area of about 86000 square meters and is expected to be built 61 sets of luxury villas and 4 commercial property.

Dundee Station provides four different floor plans which are three bedrooms, four bedrooms(1 storey and 2 storeys),  five bedrooms (2 storeys) for buyers to choose. These homes are all single families with attached garage and backyard.

The high-quality of the construction ensure the safty for living here, as well as saving money of house maintenance cost.

Plan A (starts from 206,500)

Plan B (starts from 226,970)

Plan C (starts from 237,950)

Plan D     (starts from 220,000)


Located in Winter Haven, Florida, 30 mins drive from Orlando Disney Land.

The planning of CSX comprehensive logistics center in Winter Haven has broad prospects for the regional development, and Winter Haven will become the center of transportation, logistics and distribution hub for the region, at the same time, new, automatic terminal based on railway combined transport will become a bright spot, that will create 8500 jobs over the next two years.


Each independent villa is fine decoration of the whole house with a garage and backyard. All rooms are made of wood floor, kitchen bathroom are made of ceramic tile. The kitchen and bathroom countertops are granite. Kitchen is equipped with high-end brands. 

Floor Plan
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